Shared State Concurrency for Common Lisp


The Shared State Concurrency (SSC) project aims at producing a specification and a test suite for a shared state concurrency programmer interface to be available in all Common Lisp implementations.

Mailing Lists


The (work in progress) specification.

Proposed SSC Addendum 1: Busy Waiting. (not ready yet)

Proposed SSC Addendum 2: Read/Write Lock Fairness.

The (work in progress) review of the multithreading API of some CL implementations and of other Lisp dialects.

Darcs directories available: contains the TeX files of the SSC Specification. All documents are dedicated to the public domain. Note that this is still an early draft. contains additional documentation files, including the review of the current state of the art and the current proposed addenda. All documents are dedicated to the public domain. contains the test suite. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is a work in progress.

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